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Metal Roof Coating

A professionally applied metal roof coating is the key to durability and energy efficiency. These superior roof coatings aren’t just for fixing common roofing issues; they will add to your roof’s lifespan and are quick and easy to apply. Skip the hassle and expense of a full roof replacement and opt for a metal roof coating today. Our roof coating specialists and our owner are on site for every job, and we never subcontract out the work. Trust us with all your commercial metal roof needs.

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Metal Roof Coating System

Metal roof coatings effectively eliminate rust, leaks, and make your roof more energy-efficient. While we are adding a coating to your metal roof, we aren’t adding a significant amount of additional weight. We carefully prepare and restore the metal before we begin the coating application. Since it wouldn’t make sense to apply a metal roof coating on top of rust, we make sure to completely remove all existing rust. Next, we use a special treatment to prevent future rust. We also tighten all of the screws and caulk them; yes all of them!

Metal Roof Coating Kansas CityAfter our prep work, we apply a Conklin Roofing base coat, followed by a fabric sealer, and another layer of base coat. Lastly, we apply the top coat on the entire roof surface. The result is a seamless finish. You’ll be left with a roof that not only looks great but can also stand up to the elements.  Your new metal roof coating also means your roof will be fire resistant. Many insurance companies offer a discount based on your roof’s fire resistance rating. Call our number today to learn more about our metal roof coating applications.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam or vertical seam metal roofing consists of vertical panels that go from the ridge to the eaves. The fasteners are either concealed or exposed. Both styles of standing seam metal roofs provide numerous benefits including low maintenance and durability. Metal roofs also last longer than other traditional roofing materials. But just like any roofing system, metal roofs do have the occasional problem. One of the problems that affect metal roofing is rusting. Over time, water seeps in and rust forms on the roof. The answer to that problem is a metal roof coating!

Commercial Roof Coatings Kansas CityDuring our re-coating process, your metal roof is completely sealed. Once the roof is sealed, then no water will be able to reach the metal itself. Rust prevention methods translate to a longer life span for your roof and cost savings for your business. With our metal roof restoration process, your roof won’t just look better; it will be more secure and stand up better to the elements. Call us today if you are ready to restore your roof with a metal roof coating.

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Partnering With Trusted Roof Material Manufacturer

Eco Green Inc. works with Conklin Roofing to bring you the most technologically advanced, state of the art roofing products available today. Conklin products are durable, cost-effective, and high-performing. They are the industry standard for commercial and industrial roof coatings.
We protect your roof investment from the most severe weather by partnering with Conklin Roofing Systems.